At present, there are many projects in research, such as Hexafluoroacetone、HFIP 、Sevoflurane, and so on.


About Us

Nanjing viochem Co.LTD established in 2000, is a private leading manufacturer that produce fine chemical.In March 2010,the factory moved to the Salt Chemical Industry Economic Development Zone, Hongze Country. At the same time the company name changed to 'Jiangsu Viochem Technology CO.LTD'.
   Our main products are light stabilizer(UV absorbents), Photoinitiator, Pharmaceutical-Intermediate and so on. We have three factories, a research centre, and we possess many advanced equipment, importantly there is a good team for the research and development. Our purpose is to develop a clean technique.
  Nanjing Viochem Co.LTD. will develop continuously with our advantage of technique, management and person. Based on 'sincerity-cooperate-specialty', Our company warmly welcome domestic and oversea customers to our company for business!

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